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inside meets Atelier Avanzar

As design lovers we always keep our eyes open for everything beautiful and precious and when an object has a story the better. That's how we became interested in the products of

Atelier Avanzar and met Margarita Forster, the founder of the Fundacion Avanzar. Atelier Avanzar not only produces beautiful fashion accessories but also has a humanitarian mission, which we decided to support in designing poufs, produced by the women of the Fundacion Avanzar

Fundacion Avanzar develops programs to support underprivileged women in Ecuador to improve their and their family's lives. The aim of these programs is to help these women to be responsible for their personal, social and economic development. These programs include

training courses to professionalize work knowledge, microcredits, support and care for hospitalized children and their relatives and of course Atelier Avanzar, which offers the women a place to learn, work and exchange ideas in producing handmade products being sold in Ecuador and Switzerland through

Inspired by the handmade accessories we designed a range of poufs, choosing the yarn, leather and colours from Atelier Avanzar and having the covers made by hand from the Ecuadorian women of the Avanzar program. Each piece is unique and an eye-catcher as a side-table in living rooms, in bedrooms and entrance areas or practical in bathrooms and as a seating alternativ for a chair.


Modell 1

Height 48 cm, diameter 40 cm (average height of a chairs)

Modell 2

Height 42 cm, diameter 50 cm

The Poufs are available online, the production will take up to 8 weeks.

Please contact us for prices.

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