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Colour Trend 2019

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

... and the interior colour of the year 2019 is: SPICED HONEY!!!

We were very curious to find out about this years interior colour of the year, chosen by the Dulux colour specialists from the Global Aesthetic Center, Netherlands, together with international design experts and architects. For more than 25 years this creative team studies design, consumer and social trends to stay ahead of clients expectations and provide a well researched direction for the markets, for designers, architects, developer or project managers. We tried to discover more about trends around the colour of the year 2019, spiced honey.

Last year we wrote about the colour of the year 2018 HEART WOOD. It reflected the need of a warm and cosy home to recharge the batteries in times of unpredictability. For this year it seems as we are ready to seize the moment. There is a desire to reach out and make things better and to be optimistic. Why not let this new spirit be reflected in our homes?

Our favourite combinations:

The warm tone of spiced honey is also beautiful to combine with a warm red or dark blue tones..

Try out walls, furniture or just accents... this colour is easy to embrace and no challenge to combine.

Trend palettes: colour combinations as suggested by Dulux for residential or commercial projects:

For a soothing place to think.....

... a calming place to dream...

... a cozy place to

love ....

.... a vibrant place to act!

So let it be the time to think, to dream, to love and to act!!

All the best and make it your year 2019, your inside-Team

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